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We live in fast-paced times, and more and more tasks on our minds are taking a toll on how we sleep. We wonder more often than we used to what helps us fall asleep? How to avoid insomnia and accumulating fatigue….

The easiest way to fall asleep quickly would be to resort to drugs and supplements that calm the nerves. But is that the only method? Fortunately, no. If you prefer to try something natural, which, by the way, can also have a good effect on the “daytime” part of your life, we have some suggestions.

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First: Routine.

It is good not only for young children, although with them it is the easiest to take care of. The human body, also an adult, likes to have everything arranged. Meal times, the rhythm of the day… Well, exactly – the rhythm of the day. Why can’t you fall asleep as easily as you’d like? Think about whether you lie down and wake up regularly. Setting fixed times, especially for waking up, is great for improving the quality of your sleep, but it also helps you fall asleep more easily.

Second: distractions.

Don’t let yourself be told that it doesn’t matter. If you want to sleep well and fall asleep easily, you need to say goodbye to electronics in the bedroom and checking your phone already in bed. The mere presence of electronic devices will work badly on you. One – we still don’t know exactly what effect the radiation of these devices has on a person, we guess that it’s not very positive; two – we even subconsciously remember that they are next to us and that “maybe at this very moment something interesting will be displayed”. Give yourself a chance to sleep soundly and let yourself fall asleep more easily by getting rid of distractions in the bedroom.

The first two prescriptions for how to fall asleep are routine and a small amount of rigor.


This seems obvious, but we often forget that we won’t be able to fall asleep if we expose ourselves to strong light moments before. Nature, the diurnal cycle, clearly tell the body that strong light (even if it is artificial) is still daytime. If you really want to fall asleep in 2 minutes, try gradually reducing the brightness of the light before bedtime. For example, give up the strong lamp, and turn on the already warmer and dimmer light of a bedside lamp for the last minutes.


If light, then also strong sounds. As before – we can’t expect a quick calming of the body if we expose it to noise just before bedtime. Remember that the definition of noise changes depending on the hour, so the level at which you listen to music during the day should not be the same at night if you want to fall asleep peacefully. Bedtime is the time to soothe yourself.


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When it comes to relaxation before bed, two things are worth mentioning.

  • Don’t stress anymore:)
    Stop tormenting yourself with the issues of the day. Not everything always has to go perfectly for us, not every “tomorrow” is the one eagerly awaited. It’s only natural.
    After all, it has been like this many times before, so does it make sense to think about it right before bedtime? Well, exactly. To make falling asleep come easier, remove such thoughts from your evening “path”. How? Let’s move on.
  • Meditate.
    Yes, try this method to calm yourself down. Assume a comfortable position and just breathe. Let your thoughts fly around, notice them, but don’t pay attention to them. Not only will you feel relieved after a while, practicing this method more often you will notice how it changes your attitude towards the world. It’s worth a try. And 5 minutes of calming before bedtime will definitely have a good effect on how you fall asleep.

Limit your intake of stimulating liquids.

We’re not writing about coffee, because it’s not the only culprit in your struggle to get a good night’s rest. A few hours before your scheduled bedtime, give yourself a breather from drinks that energize you. We are talking about coffee, but also black or green tea, not to mention even high sugar liquids like cola. It’s not worth risking good night for them.

Don’t eat before sleep.

Don't eat before bedtime - how to fall asleep easily advices sleep tips NHSno1

Well, if there was talk of food, then for the sake of completeness we must remind you that eating before bedtime also deteriorates the quality of sleep. You’ll have a harder time falling asleep, and when you do, it won’t be as pleasant and relaxing as it should be.

Relax with herbal tea.

Just because we pointed out to you a point ago that most of the liquids we like to drink don’t work well for your nighttime, doesn’t mean they all do. When it comes to falling asleep easier, it’s worth going back to the wisdom of our grandmothers and trusting herbal infusions. If you don’t feel up to composing your own, try to find an herbalist in your area where you can buy the right blend. It’s always a good idea to add lemon balm or valerian in an evening infusion for easier falling asleep.

Focus on yourself (not focusing on yourself)

Finally, a little tricky advice. If you can’t fall asleep, thoughts are rattling around in your head, or maybe it’s even the thoughts that keep you awake and you fall into a closed circle of insomnia? Often simple meditation may not work for beginners. That’s when we recommend lying down in bed and conducting a scan of yourself. Imagine taking your thoughts on a trip along your body. Start at your feet and slowly move upward. Slowly look at each body part and observe how you feel it. It’s a simple technique to calm your mind and make it easier to fall asleep.

Are we the only ones who have an association with children’s sheep counting here? 🙂

This is all the advice we have for those who don’t know how they can help themselves get to sleep. We hope they will help you, too. Insomnia can fortunately be remedied! Good night.

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Sleep is a balm for the soul.

William Shakespeare

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