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Nowadays, times of constant use of mobile phones, tablets or laptops on a daily basis, practically 24 hours a day (Well, maybe a little less counting sleep), we are facing an epidemic of eye problems. We are finding it increasingly difficult to take our eyes off the computer screen, not to mention the attention problems that arise precisely because of how often we use the help of our electronic tools… But let’s get back to sight.

Overloading the organ that is the eyes means that we start to experience vision difficulties at an earlier and earlier age. From constantly staring at a computer or phone screen at very close range, often with an inadequately configured screen (only putting more strain on the eyes), we begin to experience vision difficulties.

This is an increasingly common visual defect in people working at a computer. But also in young people, playing computer games or excessive use of mobile phones.

Is it possible to help your eyes?…

How can we help our eyes? First of all, we need to relieve them more often…. Make sure you take breaks when working at the computer. Then move your gaze to something further away from you. How about out of the window? Let them rest.

Most eye diseases originate from the constant tension of the muscles surrounding the eyeballs. The lack of varied eye work causes the overtired muscles to weaken and, as a result, your eyesight deteriorates.

On the other hand, a fast-paced lifestyle also requires us to be more flexible, so glasses are not always enough anymore. Classic lens spectacles often get in the way, depending on the wearer’s occupation or daily activities. He or she then has to start looking for ways to improve their eyesight to help them keep up with the demands of everyday life.

Contact lenses were a hit many years ago. Today, unfortunately, the initial enthusiasm caused by this solution has subsided. Lenses require a lot of care from the wearer. Many contact lens wearers complain of dry eyes, recurring conjunctivitis and burning eyes, which can also be a nuisance.

Modern or ancient methods of eye treatment?

Recently, however, there have been new tests of a method that is not so new at all. We are talking about an ayurvedic method for improving eyesight – ayurvedic glasses. The very meaning of the word ajuwerda is captivating. it comes from Sanskrit, an old Indian science. In it, the word ayus means life, while verda means knowledge or science. ayurverda, therefore, is a holistic approach to the treatment of the human being, which, according to the ancient Indian belief, has its causes in the body or the mind and offers knowledge directly from the gods, who pass on their knowledge to the saints and Hindu priests during sessions in deep meditation.

In line with this knowledge, the search was on for a method that would be in line with the philosophy of Old Indian natural medicine. And at the same time, it would allow the permanent removal of the vision defect. After many years of work to find the ideal solution based on ajuverda, the scientists came up with the unique idea of spectacles that would be nothing like the lenticulars we know today.

What are ayurvedic glasses? These glasses are an ideal treatment method due to their unique design. They consist of a system of small holes in an opaque ocular diaphragm. This makes it obvious that we do not wear them like classic glasses. Classical, lenticular glasses are worn to improve vision at a given time. Ajuverdy glasses are designed to train the muscles of the organ of vision.

They should be worn every day for several hours. These glasses act like a gym for the eyes. After a few sessions, the eyes are taught to work harder, but also the muscles surrounding the eyeball are strengthened. Thus, after only a short period of practice with the Ayurvedic glasses, we are able to significantly improve our quality of vision. What is more, they make it possible to completely dispense with conventional lens glasses after just a short period of time. Ayurvedic eyeglasses are unique because they allow us to make a permanent change, improving our organ of vision. they fully restore the comfort of life after a properly conducted training with them.

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